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We believe that our Success is possible only through your Success so we always put our best effort to make you success by providing unmatched level of Support. As a part of our continuous effort to improve our support system and to ensures all your support and services issues are correctly been followed up and addressed by our Support Team on time, we request you to please follow the below guidelines.


Recharge Services Issue are mainly classified under 4 categories


If you got a complaint from your customers that they have not received the talk time/benefits of the recharge then before marking the transaction as “Dispute” please check whether the
Operator Reference Number” is generated for the transaction in your Recharge History, if not found then please click on “Dispute” button to mark it as “Dispute”

                                If Recharge Dispute Handling 24X7

                                Average Response Time :- 0 -48 Hours

Things to be remembered

a. You must report dispute within 48 hours.

b. Cannot raise tickets after 48 hours.

c. Refunded money will be added to your recharge balance.

d. It may take up to 48 hours to get the correct status from the operator end once the dispute     is raised.


 Sometimes some denominations of any operator may get failed from our end, in such cases please raise a support ticket “Other Technical Issues” or mail to from your registered mail ID and also please mention some sample failed transaction IDs for reference. We will cross check it and do the needful 

                              Denomination Issues                                                    

                              Average Response Time:- 0 -24 Hours


Things to be remembered.

a. The benefits provided by the operators are different for recharges done through their website, through online partners and LAPU (Retailers SIM). So please make sure the denomination is  available for web based recharges.

b. For Tata Docomo, multiple of Rs 10 will come under “Special”. Such denominations will not work in “TOP UP”

c. For BSNL, different types of recharge types are available as mentioned below
   TOP UP –For normal Top up Recharges
   Recharge- For Validity Recharges.
   Special- for STV and Value added services
   3G- For 3G Recharges
   Make sure you are doing correct denominations in correct route. You can get the details from BSNL Websites

d. We Support only Specific SUN DTH Denominations, Denominations are listed below, Make sure you choose one of them.
   10, 20, 25, 39, 40, 100, 133, 155, 160, 165, 169, 175, 180, 189, 200, 270, 300, 400, 440, 449, 480, 500, 525, 549, 555, 600, 620, 655, 699, 780, 790, 880, 950, 999, 1000, 1069, 1099, 1310, 1349, 1399, 1499, 1555, 1599, 1600, 1699, 1800, 1999


As of now there is no provision to transfer or refund wrong recharges done on mobile numbers.But for the DTH following service providers are currently providing reversal /transfer facility.

                                 Wrong Recharge

                                 Average Response Time:- 2 - 7 Working Days

Things to be remembered.

a. Reversal request should reach us within 24 hours of transaction time

b. Reversal is at the sole discretion of the service provider

c. Raise a support ticket under „Other Technical Support‟ / mail to any of our executive in below format.
        a. Wrong Number –
        b. Correct Number –
        c. Transaction ID -

d. TAT for reversals can be upto 7 working days

e. Reversal/Transfer is not possible if the customer utilized the amount to activate/subscribe any services/packs.


Issues like operator down time, Wrong Operator Recharges, Postpaid Bill Settlement and all other recharge related issues will be come under this section. Depending upon the type of the issue TAT will be different. You can raise a support ticket “Other Technical Issues” or mail to from your registered email address or keep touch our support executives.

                           Service Related Issue

                           Average Response Time:- 0 -72 Hours

Things to be remembered.

a. If you are getting “Operator down Time” error, please try with any other denominations. Sometimes for invalid denomination also we may get the same error from the operator.

b. For the post paid Bills, it may take up to 72 hours to reflect if the bill is paid after due date.

c. All the scheduled maintenance will be informed to our customers in advance.

d. If operator reference number is not available, use the date,time & amount of the transaction to confirm the recharge with customer care

Operator Reference Number

We provide operator reference number for almost all transactions and in some cases we will not get operator reference ID from the operator end.

a. What is Operator Reference number?
     Operator reference number is the unique number provided from the operator to indentify a  particular transaction.

b. Where can I get the operator Reference Number?
    Operator reference number will be displayed in the Recharge History, select the particular transaction and click the “+” button. If the operator reference number is not displayed there you can click “Update Operator Reference Number”. You will get the same through our recharge      API.

c. What is the Use of Operator Reference Number?
    If the customer is complaining the recharge is not success, you can provide this reference number to the customer. Customer can easily confirm the recharge by calling their customer care. If operator reference number is not available, use the date, time and amount of the  transaction to confirm the recharge

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